Late Fine FAQ
Updated: 16 June 2020 10:36 AM

Q: Why do you charge late fines?

A: We strive to make equipment available to as many students and faculty as possible. Returning equipment late means it is unavailable to others, this is an ongoing challenge for us. We emphasize timely equipment returns so that others have access, think of a late fine as a consideration charge

Q: How much are the late fines?

A: We have a tiered fine structure of $2.00, $5.00 and $10.00 per day depending on the value of the equipment being borrowed. 

Q: I returned something so late that my late fine exceeds the value of the equipment I borrowed. How is this fair?

A: Late fines are intended to encourage borrowers to return equipment on time, they are not intended to cover the cost of equipment. We value the lost opportunity cost paid by other students and faculty who did not have access to the equipment. 

Q: I returned something late but I have a really good excuse, is there an appeal process?

A: The best excuses are the ones you phone in before the return time. If you know that you will not be able to return a piece of equipment on time due to illness or an emergency the recommended course of action is to phone or email and let us know. In most cases we will likely be able to accommodate or even renew the checkout. If you want to appeal a late fine please email from your student email account. 

Q: What other consequences are there?

A: If a borrower has equipment out that is not returned for 14 days they will automatically have a borrowing hold placed on their account. A borrowing hold prevents users from signing out equipment until the late fine is settled. Late fines accrue daily. 

Q: What is an academic hold?

A: Fines that remain unpaid by the end of the semester result in the placement of an academic hold. Academic holds prevent students from registering for courses, collecting their transcripts or graduating. Academic holds are lifted when the fine is paid at the Cashier's Office. Please allow one business day for the academic hold to be clear.

Q: How do I pay my fine?

A: Please email the Finance Department to have an online payment set up: