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Security: How to register further SafeGuard Enterprise users
Updated: 10 July 2015 10:21 AM

To allow additional Windows users to log on to your computer:

1. Switch on the computer. The SafeGuard Power-on Authentication (POA) logon dialog is displayed. Unregistered users cannot log on at the SafeGuard POA because they do not have the necessary keys and certificates.

Note: If an unregistered user attempts to logon, the error message 'User is not known on this machine' is displayed.

User is not known on this machine.

2. For additional users to log on at the SafeGuard POA, the computer's owner must allow it.

Note: To verify the computer's owner you can check the Sophos SafeGuard Client Status and confirm that the SGN user state: reads SGN user (owner).

Client Status

Note: The default setting specifies that the first user to log on after installation is registered as the owner of the computer.

3. In the SafeGuard POA logon dialog, click Options and clear the Pass through logon to Windows check box. Log on with your credentials as the computer's owner. The Windows logon dialog is displayed.

uncheck pass through

4. The additional user enters their Windows credentials.

5. The next time the computer is started, the additional user can log on at the SafeGuard Power-on Authentication.

 poa-usernotknown.png (25.18 KB)
 poa-passthrough.png (28.27 KB)
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