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Submitting a job to the Deadline Render Manager
Updated: 08 February 2018 11:02 AM

This article will walk you through submitting a job to the Deadline Render Manager. You can see a video of this procedure at this link.

File Paths

Make sure that all external assets (textures, sounds, etc) are in a folder with your project file. Correct file pathing is very important. Use relative paths to refer to the external assets used in your project. 

Absolute Path (Incorrect): uses an explicit path to find assets. This path will work regardless of the current working directory. For instance 'C:\Users\spongebob\Desktop\MyProject\textures\woodTexture.jpg' is an absolute path. The Deadline Render Node computers will not know how to reach 'woodTexture.jpg' because those computers don't have a user path for the user spongebob. Absolute paths will cause errors in your render.

Relative Path (Correct): uses the starting point of the project file (the working directory) to seek out external assets. For instance, let's say there is a project file called 'woodHouse.3ds'. That project file is in a folder called 'MyProject' and that folder has a 'textures' folder. The relative path to a file called 'woodTexture.jpg' would be textures\woodTexture.jpg. Make sure your project uses relative paths.

Render Job Rules

  • Single frame render time limit: 30 minutes
  • Single frame size limit: 1080p (1920x1080)
  • Rendering jobs that fall outside of these guidelines are at the discretion of the Deadline system administrator.

Submitting a job

  1. Mount the Deadline repository.
    Windows (mount as R drive): \\\deadlinerepository10
    Mac OS X: smb://
  2. Make a directory in the output directory in the Deadline repository. Please use your OCAD U username as the name of the directory.
    (e.g. \\\deadlinerepository10\output\tl99zz) 
  3. Make sure that your project is set to render files to the directory from step 2. Also make sure that the project is rendering individual png files for each frame.
  4. Copy your project folder to the output directory from step 2.
  5. Launch the Deadline Monitor.
  6. Click the Submit menu and choose the type of job you want to submit. Currently supported:
  7. A new Submit window opens. Change Job Name to whatever suits your job. 
  8. Under the Application specific settings, enter the file for your job. This is the job that you copied to the repository in step 4. For example:
  9. Enter the Frame List you want to render. The format is a range. For instance to render frames 1 to 100 you would enter 1-100.
  10. Click Submit. You will receive confirmation of submission, close that window.

You can now monitor the submission in DeadlineMonitor. 

* Cinema4D Users need to set the output path because it is not picked up from the Cinema4D file. In the Submit window, click Advanced Options. Make sure "Use Default Output From Scene" is unchecked. Enter a Filename Prefix and the Output Folder for your frames on the Repository.