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Laptop Program: Important information for Graduating Students
Updated: 11 August 2019 08:30 PM

Congratulations for completing your studies at OCAD University!

Now that you have finished school, you become an esteemed alumni of OCAD U. As an alumni, you no longer pay fees in the Laptop Program, and we no longer provide support for your computer or software.

Which also means that sadly, we're not able to assist you as we will turn our attention to all the fresh new faces entering OCAD University. In this article you will find some guidance on what you should do before and after you leave the halls of OCAD U. This is important, so read on.

What support ends in May?

If you are no longer eligible to enroll in courses, the following support ends in May 2019:

  • Access to desktop computers
  • LinkedIn Learning (formerly
  • Borrowing Equipment at AV

The following support ends in September:

  • Wireless internet. We are working to provide extended access for students on campus. Stay tuned.

As a graduating student, when is the last day I can expect support at the Help Desk?

The last day for support at the Help Desk is June 28th, 2019.

After this date the following support ends:

  • Imaging or troubleshooting support
  • Access to software
  • Borrowing loaner laptops and peripherals
  • Submit repairs by June 14th, 2019

What support does not end (currently)?

The following support continues:

  • Currently, we do not turn off your email or user account. This may change in the future, but for now, we do not deactivate them
  • B+W printing and access to the Print Shop at 51 McCaul
  • Using the balance on your Materials account in Payable

I'm planning to get a new laptop when I graduate. Will you support my new computer?

Not unless you get it before our support deadline. If you're planning on getting a new laptop, do so before the deadline as you can also take advantage of student discounts.

What happens to the software on my laptop? Will it run forever?

In some cases yes, in some cases no. Read on.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Microsoft Office 

  • For students graduating in Spring 2019, Microsoft Office is a term-based license with take-home privileges. You can continue to use Office 2016 and/or 2019 on your laptop. No discs or serials are provided.
  • For students graduating in Fall 2019, Winter 2020 or Spring 2020, Microsoft Office is a term-based license with no take home license. Your software license will lapse when you have graduated or are no longer eligible to enroll.

  • Access will expire once you are no longer a registered student.
  • Alternative: You can use the license available through the Toronto Public Library, but you lose all your certificates of completion and course history.


  • If you licensed your software via our on-campus licensing server, your software functions for 18 months from the time of activation.
  • If you licensed Autodesk software via their education website, the license extends from 3 years from original activation date.

Rhino 3D

  • Rhino 3D is a perpetual license for your use, however it is governed by McNeel's Educational license agreement. We recommend saving a copy of your license number, located in your account.


  • Solidworks is a 1-year term education license. Commercial use is prohibited.
  • Alternative: Purchase a commercial license for Solidworks


  • Sketchup is a 1-year term license.

Final Cut Pro

  • Final Cut Pro is a perpetual license.

Cycling '74 Max

  • Cycling '74 Max is a 1-year term license from the time you activated it. You can purchase a full version of Cycling '74 at


  • DragonFrame is a perpetual license. Do not lose your box with the serial: that is the only record of your license.

Cinema 4D

  • Maxon Cinema 4D is a 18-month term educational license.

It's after the deadline, and I'm having trouble with my laptop. What do I do?

1. Start by doing a search on the internet for the exact problem you are having, with as much detail as possible.

2. If that is unsuccessful, try with the vendor websites.

Both Apple, Adobe, Dell and Microsoft have excellent support sites for troubleshooting.  Very often you can find step-by-step articles on how to troubleshoot most issues. 

3. If you suspect your problem is hardware related (for example: computer not charging, turning on, bulging battery, scrambled graphics or no video)

Contact the hardware manufacturer or an authorized repair centre. 

Apple Store Eaton Centre

220 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2H1
(647) 258-0801

Dell Premier Support

Microsoft Store Eaton Centre

220 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2H1