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Copy & Print: Fees and Accounts (Students)
Updated: 31 August 2020 01:15 PM

Loading Funds with Payable 
How to Check My Print Balance
Copy and Print Fees 
Fee Reversals


Loading Funds with Payable 

1. Navigate to 

2. Login using your OCAD U credentials i.e. Username and Password

3. Click on PaperCut

4. Choose debit or credit 

5. Enter desired amount, credit after tax is displayed below

6. Enter credit or debit information and click submit payment. Your funds will be added to your PaperCut account immediately 

*Please note: Not all financial institutions support Interac Online or Visa Debit. Please contact your financial institutions if you have any questions about using your card for online purchases, or any applicable fees.


How to Check My Print Balance

1. Navigate to in your browser of choice. While you are at it, add the link to your bookmarks for easy future access.

2. Enter your OCAD U username and password in the fields provided.

3. The first page you will see provides a summary of information about your account so you can see at-a-glance what your balance is, how many print jobs you have released, and your historical activity.

Web How To 2

Note: This is a part of PaperCut, the print system implemented at OCAD U in December of 2014. Click here to learn more about how to print on campus.


Copy & Print fees 2018-19

OCAD U Print & Copy offers a range of essential digital output services at very competitive prices, including large format color inkjet printing, black and white and color laser printing, photocopying and bindery.  The support and service delivered by the OCAD U Print & Copy staff provides substantial additional value for students in ensuring quality print or copy output.

Print & Copy Service Fees represent the cost of printed materials used and owned by the students as part of their curricular activities or studio practice at the university. 


Copy & Print Fee

Advertising (ADVR)


Environmental Design (ENVR)


Industrial Design (INDS)


Graphic Design (GRPH)


Material Art & Design (MAAD)


Criticism & Curatorial Practice (CRCP)


Drawing & Painting (DRPT)


Art Non-major (ARTS)


Illustration (ILLU)


Integrated Media (INTM)


Digital Futures:

Technology/Innovation/Design/Art (DF: TIDA)


Photography (PHOTO)


Printmaking (PRNT)


Sculpture & Installation (SCIN)


Graduate Programs


Can I opt out of the fees?

No. The Print & Copy fees are aligned with statistics based on program specific usage for the central OCAD U Print & Copy Service.  By pre-activating student print and copy accounts with credits that align with program specific usage students will be ready to print or copy without having to visit the cashier. Pre-paid accounts provide assurance that funds will be in student accounts when they require use of the service to complete assignments and projects throughout the year.

Fee reversals

Fees are only reversed or adjusted if you have withdrawn from OCAD U or changed majors and the Copy & Print Fees are still on your account.  To request a fee reversal, please contact the Manager, Copy & Print Services, Pat Navarro at 416-977-6000 Ext. 203 or 

Reversals must be requested in the semester that fees are charged. We accept requests for reversals during the active semester and process requests based on deadlines for withdrawal or change of programs posted at:

OCAD U Dates & Deadlines

No Reversal Requests can be approved/denied and processed after the last business day in January due to student T2202a Tax forms being generated.

If a fee reversal is approved, only the unused portion of your fee will be reversed.

Please note: All active Print & Copy accounts with a positive balance will remain available even after graduation.