Room Renumbering Guide for Staff
Updated: 02 March 2015 09:51 AM

OCAD University is changing the way buildings and rooms are identified across the campus as we transition to Project Chroma, the new student information, HR and payroll system. The resulting changes will clarify room locations and improve campus navigation while accommodating future expansion.

 Each building will be assigned new identification. Instead of referring to buildings by number, the new system will use letters.


For example:

205 Richmond St. W. (formerly building #7) becomes RHA

Room 7-320 becomes RHA 320

Alternately, it may be referred to as 205 Richmond St., room 320



100 McCaul St. room numbers will not change. The building identification will become MCA.

These changes are expected to come into effect March 3rd, 2015


Please refer to the guide and 2 maps below that identify new building codes for all buildings on campus as well as future expansion.


Room Renumbering 1


Room Renumbering 2
Room Renumbering 3