Faculty Laptop Imaging Guidelines and Process
Updated: 28 February 2019 06:45 AM

Faculty are able to have their personally owned laptop imaged by the Laptop Help Desk.


This service is useful for updating your operating system, and encrypting the contents to secure institutional, confidential data and gaining access to Windows or special software.


  • Faculty members who don't meet the requirements to borrow a laptop on a Long-Term Loan and would like off-campus access to software used by the students
  • Faculty members would like to try out software provided by IT Services for students that doesn’t currently fit their curriculum

What does “image” mean?

When we refer to the "image" in the Laptop Program, we are talking about the optimized software installation that we place on your laptop computer. We take one computer, install all the software and then take a snapshot of the computer or an image, which we then deploy to your laptop. You retain full control of your computer: you have administrative access in the operating system to your laptop, so you can install additional software and manage system updates.

We image computers rather than perform manual installations because:

  • It's faster than installing your own OS and software from scratch.
  • There are no install discs to lose or serial numbers to save.
  • If your computer becomes unstable due to a software problem, we can easily "reimage" your computer rather than diagnose the issue which may require a complete reinstall.

What kind of laptop can we image?

  • Any MacBook Pro model
  • Surface Book, Pro or Laptop
  • Dell XPS and Precision
  • MacBook Air  is supported, but not recommended

How do I prepare for imaging?

Backup your computer before you bring it to the Help Desk, since the process ERASES your computer COMPLETELY. You can restore your data when the computer is returned to you.

Submitting a Request for Imaging

You will speed up your visit at the Laptop Help Desk by submitting a Request for Laptop Imaging before arriving at the Laptop Help Desk.