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Updated: 12 February 2021 01:41 PM

How are the fees applied?
What are the approximate savings?
What services can I access with my Mobile Computing Fee?
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What are the Laptop Program Fees by Program?

Please refer to the OCAD Website > Financial Matters > Tuition & Fees > Laptop Program.

How are the fees applied?

Once you register, a single per program fee is triggered on any Fall or Winter registration, until you graduate or withdraw from the program area in question.

What are the approximate savings?

We make sure that students save money on all the software we license. Here are a few exmaples:


OCAD U Laptop Program

Other Universities


Adobe Creative Cloud

All students in the program receive Adobe Creative Cloud and annual upgrades.

No support

Approximately $280 savings in the first year, $540 subsequent years

Microsoft Office + Windows Upgrade

All students receive Office and a Windows upgrade license so Apple users can run Bootcamp. Upgrades are included.

No support

$220 savings in the first year

What services can I access?

In order to ensure successful use of technology on and off campus OCAD U provides comprehensive support that allows the students to focus on curriculum, studio practice, digital literacy and collaboration.  The staff supporting the program are experts in supporting the required hardware and software.

Mobile Computing

OCAD U Laptop Program

Other Universities


Recommended Laptop Support

We recommended models for full support, but still provide some support for any computer model. Students can bring their existing laptop and are not required to lease or purchase a laptop through OCAD U.

Provide support for connecting to their wireless only.

Students are not forced to purchase another laptop.

Software Imaging

We put all the software and operating system onto the computer in a perfect state so that their computer is bug free and ready to use.

No support.

Student save hours of time not installing software or configuring their systems to be compatible with OCAD U networked services.

Apple Bootcamp Support

We fully support Apple Bootcamp (concurrent installations of the Apple and Windows Operating Systems) on all the recommended MacBook Pro models, saving students hours of frustration trying to install Windows to run specific 3D or CAD software

No support.

Students save countless hours that they would have spent figuring out how to install Windows.

Apple Repair Support

Students can come to the Help Desk for assistance, and any hardware problems are gracefully escalated to our IT Services staffed Apple Authorized Service Provider repair for warranty computers. Apple Laptops comprise 90% of all student laptops.

Some universities offer repair support through their on-campus computer stores, but they’re not integrated with IT Services on campus, and they don’t support software.

Students save the travel time and any miscommunications with third-party vendors explaining their computer problem.  OCAD U IT support is focused on student success for participation in their program of study

Laptop Loans

Students can borrow laptops while their computer is being repaired for up to a week at a time. We arrange loans of up to three weeks for students who are replacing a stolen or damaged laptop.

Some universities loan computers to students for short periods under 24 hours, but it is first come, first served, and demand outstrips supply.

Students save hundreds of dollars or hours of lost productivity without a computer.

Malware / Virus Removal Our IT Services Help Desk helps many students who have unwittingly acquired malware via phishing emails and drive-by downloads. No support. Students save hours of otherwise lost productivity and money by paying a third-party.

Data Recovery

Our IT Services Help Desk frequently goes to great lengths to assist students with data recovery using software tools. In the case of mechanical failure, we refer to professional recovery services.

No support.

Students save hours of otherwise lost productivity.

Recommended Purchase Storefronts

OCAD U is working with Apple and Dell to provide recommendations to OCAD U students via a special online store.

Other campuses have computer stores, but do not have any integration with the IT Services department.

Students save time and travel being advised through OCAD U, and save through exclusive discounts

Loan of power adapters, video adapters, iPod/iPhone charge cables, iPad video cables, accessories

We try to stock all the Apple cables and Laptop add-ons that students need, in case they forget them at home.

Some stock Apple video adapters.

Students save money not having to repurchase adapters in an emergency.


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