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Student Laptop Borrowing Guidelines
Updated: 24 July 2020 02:14 PM

Laptop Program Students can borrow a loaner laptop from IT Services if their personally owned laptop is out for repairs or has been stolen. Students are bound to the Equipment Loan Guidelines.

Laptops are borrowed from the AV Help Desk (room 343) after authorization is provided by the Laptop Program Help Desk (room 341). Students requiring laptop loans are asked to report to the Laptop Program Help Desk first.

  • Damage: in the case of physical damage requiring repair:
    • The laptop is to be presented to Laptop Program Help Desk staff for inspection and potential onsite repair or referral to a third party.
    • If the laptop has been left with a third party for repairs some proof must be presented in order to borrow a laptop.
  • Theft: In the case of laptop loss due to theft, a police report is required to secure a laptop loaner.
  • Loans are available for a week at a time. If the loan time needs to be extended, the student must bring the borrowed equipment back to the Help Desk before the due date to secure a renewal.
  • Late equipment will result in fines.
  • Student ID is required for all interactions in this process