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How to forward calls from an OCADU desk phone
Updated: 28 October 2016 11:19 AM

Here's how to forward calls from an OCADU desk phone:

- Press the blue menu key on a Mitel 5312/5212, or the key marked 'menu' on a 5304.

- Scroll through the options with the # key until you see Call Forwarding.

- Press * to select this option.  You can program Always, B-int/ext (forwarding calls if you're on the phone - can be programmed separately for internal and external callers), and NA-int/ext (forwarding calls if you don't pickup; again, internal and external calls are handled separately).

- Press * to select the option you'd like to program.  Type the extension of the phone to which you'd like to forward calls then press the down arrow to save.  Press *, then # to enable the programmed forwarding rule.  An active forwarding rule will have a * next to the destination extension.

- You may forward calls to an external number, but please add 9 to the beginning of the number.

That's it!