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Updated: 12 August 2020 10:33 AM

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Can I opt out of the Laptop Program fees?

No. We purchase software and services for Laptop Program students to fulfil curricular requirements and get the most savings for students. 

  • Students in the Laptop Program pay fees on an annual basis for software and support.
  • Laptop fees are specific to your program and year of entry, are charged automatically upon registration, and are mandatory.
  • Laptop Fees appear under "Laptop Fees" tab on the Student Finance account activity.
  • The annual cost of fees are split 50/50 between Fall and Winter. Students who only enroll in one semester pay 50%. No fees are charged in Summer.
  • More information can be found on the OCAD U website IT Services, Laptop Program Guide or contact the IT Services Help Desk

Fee Reversals

Your Laptop Fees are reversed if you withdraw from OCAD U before the Add/Drop Deadline. 

Please fill out the form to request a reversal if there is an erroneous error or oversight on your account. Please read the knowledgebase article about Laptop Fees, and familiarize yourself with the Fees for the current year.

Fees are subject to change year-to-year based on exchange rates, software bundles, negotiated pricing or other factors.