Faculty and Staff: How do I access Employee Self-Service?
Updated: 08 September 2020 11:29 AM

Accessing the OCAD U Portal, myOCADU

365 Login screen


Access the OCAD U Portal at: https://my.ocadu.ca

Enter your OCAD U Username and Password
Note: Your Username and Password are the same credentials as those used to login into your work station.  


Signing Out from the OCAD U portal

Signing Out

On the top right hand side of the page, select down arrow next to your name and click Sign Out option.
Note: My Setting option is disable.


My Services

My Services


Select right arrow or the Employee Self-Service link to access Pay Statements, Other Compensation, Current Benefits, Leave Plan Summary, Position Summary and T4 Slips. Note Self-Service options will differ for each employee based on your role.

Self Services Options


Pay Statement 

Pay Statement information can be viewed by year and pay period and include information about your earnings, benefit and union dues deductions (as applicable), direct deposit information, and gross/net Income

The Pay Statement is made up of five (5) main sections:

  • Employee Demographic Information: Your personal information including your Department Information, Colleague ID, SIN, and Pay Period Information (pay period end date)
  • Employee Earnings:Your earnings for the pay period as well as current and year-to-date withholdings for statutory deductions including Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI), Federal Tax (FED), Provincial Tax (PROV), and Employer Heath Tax (EHT) - an employer-paid statutory deduction
  • Deductions (as applicable):Deduction for benefit premiums, union or Faculty Association dues and pension contributions with current and year to date amounts
  • Direct Deposit Information:Your banking information used for direct deposit and the amount deposited into your account for the pay period
  • Gross/Net Income:Your gross income, taxes withheld, deductions taken and net pay for the period


Other Compensation

The Other Compensation displays detailed information on payments such as:

  • Per Course Assignments (e.g. Teaching Assistant, Sessional, Continuing Studies and Class Assistant contracts)
  • One-time Payments (e.g. dinner allowances, overtime payments)
  • Stipends
  • Mobile Allowances


Current Benefits

The Current Benefits sections displays information on your enrollment of Heath and Dental plans, Life Insurance coverage, Union Dues and Pension Plan.


Leave Plan Summary

The Leave Plan Summary provide a balance of your Time off requests and Time In-Lieu. Note this summary is displayed in hours.

Position Summary

The Position Summary shows the start and end date of the positions listed (your current position will have no end date listed), your position title (abbreviated), a Y/N flag to indicate whether this is your primary position and the Full-time Equivalent (this is used for permanent administrative and faculty positions only)

The position title “Migration” is used as an indicator that position history exists in OCAD U’s legacy system




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