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Updated: 11 March 2021 11:11 AM

IT Services provides support for hundreds of administrative and faculty computers as well as thousands of student laptops. In order to provide the highest level of support we rely on a standardized fleet of computers and repeatable processes. Outside of our annual refresh process it is not uncommon for staff to procure computers through their departmental budgets, often for new positions or if requirements exceed what is available. Below you will find information and pricing on the supported options for administrative computing.

Do not procure Apple computers without consulting IT Services. Apple computers must be purchased directly through Apple so that they are properly associated with the University. This processing is required to insure proper management of the computer. Apple computers purchased outside of this process will have issues enrolling with management tools and problems with software installations.

Please note that the listed pricing is an estimate due to fluctuation. Models change throughout the year depending on availability and model refresh cycles. 


OCAD U Web Store for Employees

OCAD U is currently partnered with where a purchasing portal is hosted for OCAD U Staff & Faculty: 

Users wishing to purchase IT equipment first need to create an account on the website; please follow the instruction at the top of the CDW/OCAD U webstore. A purchasing card is required, and it is advised that Managers coordinate this purchasing on behalf of their department to limit the number of accounts and orders that need to be managed. Only equipment listed on the landing page is recommended and approved. Those who have different requirements are asked to check in with the IT Help Desk by emailing 


Please do not purchase a computer without consulting IT Services. 

Dell Latitude 5410:

  • 14” enterprise laptop with accidental coverage
  • Has most ports that a typical user requires, including ethernet (network), USB-A (original style), USB-C, HDMI and audio jack.
  • This model is also available with upgrades, please email with your requirements. Available with or without a touch screen. 
  • Non-touch: ~$1150
  • Touch screen: ~$1500

Macbook Pro - Macbook Pro laptops are recommended for those users who are working with graphics or video applications and prefer the Mac environment. Windows is the supported platform for Administrative staff so while we encourage users to stick with Windows we do appreciate that there are those with unique requirements. Educational pricing can be found at Apple's Educational Store. Apple laptops are not included in the annual IT Services computer refresh and will need to be paid for out of departmental budgets. MacOS is NOT recommended for users requiring access to Colleague UI.


Dell P2219H LED Monitor: 22" - 1920 x 1080. The Dell has screen rotation, height, tilt and pan adjustments, and comes with a built in USB hub; a handy feature for those users with a lot of peripherals. 


Dell P2419H LED Monitor: 24" - 1920 x 1080. The Dell has screen rotation, height, tilt and pan adjustments, and comes with a built in USB hub; a handy feature for those users with a lot of peripherals. 


Please see other monitor options at


Accessories like mice, adapters, cables, docking stations, external displays and other peripherals are not included with the loan of a laptop and will be the responsibility of the department to procure. Commonly requested peripherals include:

Please consult with us regarding your needs, we're here to help. 


Please email us with any questions or requests: