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Updated: 08 January 2020 09:47 AM

PaperCut Banner

OCAD U Copy and Print Services is pleased to introduce a brand new and easy way to print!

The new print system, PaperCut, provides location based printing with release stations that allow you to approve and release print jobs before you pay for them. You can easily print from a computer anywhere on campus to any printer, or even from your laptop at home to then release later when you arrive on campus.

Most printers and copiers are their own "release stations" which displays a print queue.  All print jobs go to this queue and users simply walk to the nearest printer, swipe their OCAD U ID card on the card reader, and select from list of available files to print or cancel their print jobs. Any devices that are not their own release stations have an external one on an iMac located next to it and clearly labelled.

How do I print with this new system?

Print From an On-Campus OCAD U Computer

Print From Your Laptop & View Your Print Balance

Release Your Print Job(s)

Associating your OCAD U ID Card with your Follow-You Print Account

Release Station Locations

Print From an On-Campus OCAD U Computer 

Print your document(s) as you normally would, but now you will notice that the only printer on the list is "Public Printers." Once you click print, you can release the job(s) from any print release station on campus. You may print on letter or tabloid size paper.

Note: If you are using a self service colour printer (located in the Library, Learning Zone and Room MCA 640 Open Studio) you will choose the "Public Printers - Colour" in your printer list.

Prices for self service colour are:

$0.40 Colour, Single-Sided
$0.375 Colour, Double-Sided (Per Side)
$0.35 Grayscale, Single Sided
$0.30 Grayscale, Double-Sided (Per Side)

Here is what this will look like on a Mac and Window's interface.


Lab Shot Mac


Lab Shot Windows

If you are ready to release and pay for the print job, you go to any printer and follow the instructions for Releasing Your Print Job(s). Note: You can add more than just one print job to the queue at a time and release on an as-needed basis.

Print From Your Laptop

Click on the link below that corresponds to the type of laptop you will be printing from to install the print driver. It is advisable that you restart your computer after installing. If you do not wish to install the driver, you may use Web Print; see below this section for instructions.

Wireless Printing - Mac OS X
Wireless Printing - FACULTY - Mac OS X
Wireless Printing - Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
Wireless Printing - FACULTY Microsoft Windows 7 or higher

MAC OS Instructions:

Once the download is complete, you will now see an icon on your desktop labelled "OCAD University Wireless Printing." Open and then open the one item in the folder which is labelled "OCAD University Wireless Printing.pkg." You will then see this notification:

Click Open.

Note: if you see the notification below, click OK and instead of double clicking on the "OCAD University Wireless Printing.pkg," press CTRL + click (or right click) and select "Open" 

You will then see a dialog box, follow the prompt to install the package:

You will then be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter the username and password you use to gain access to your computer.

Once the installation is complete, restart your computer. The next time you go to print, you will see "Public Printers" in your printer queue. Print to that queue and then release at any release station located across campus.

Web Print

Note: You can only print documents that are in PDF format when you use this method.

1. Navigate to in your browser of choice. While you are at it, add the link to your bookmarks for easy future access.

2. Enter your OCAD U username and password in the fields provided.

PaperCut Sign In

3. The first page you will see provides a summary of information about your account so you can see at-a-glance what your balance is, how many print jobs you have released, and your historical activity.

PaperCut Web 3

4. Click on the "Web Print" button in the navigation pane to the left of the screen. This is the page where you submit all of your print jobs and can see a list of active print jobs once you get going. Now click on "Submit a Job" in the top right corner.

5. You are now in the "Printer Selection" tab. You will always be printing to any of four virtual printer queues. Your choices here are Letter (8.5" x 11") single-sided, Letter (8.5" x 11") double-sided, Tabloid (11" x 17") single-sided or Tabloid (11" x 17") double-sided. Don't worry, this connects you to all of the OCAD U print release stations, which you will understand when we go to release your print job(s). Move to the next tab by clicking "Print Options and Account Selection" in the bottom right corner after selecting the appropriate virtual printer queue.

Double Sided

6. Now you can choose how many copies of your print job you require. Simply type the number in the field and click "Upload Documents" in the bottom right corner.

Web How To 6

7. It's now time to upload your PDF. You can drag and drop it into the box provided OR you can upload from a folder. Then click "Upload and Complete" in the bottom right corner.

Web How To 7

8. The status of the print job you just sent to the queue will now appear. When the status of the job settles on "Held in a queue," your print job is ready to be released.

Web How To 8


Web How to 8.2

9. Go to the nearest print release station and follow the instructions for Releasing Your Print Job(s). Note: You can add more than just one print job to the queue at a time and release on an as-needed basis.

Release Your Print Job(s)

1. Walk up to the nearest printer and tap your card on the card reader located to the left of the display screen. (If you are printing Tabloid size (11" x 17") you will need to go to the nearest print release station that has tabloid printing set up. Please see the release station list to find out where they are located)

Kyocera Printer and Copier

Associating your OCAD U ID Card with your new Follow-You Print account

The first time you use the print release station, you may be asked to associate your card with your print account. Click 'Yes'

Release First 1

b) Enter your OCAD U Username and password and click 'OK' (If you are at a touch-screen station, a keyboard will pop up on the screen).

Release First 2

c) Click 'OK' again.


Note: You may be prompted that your card is not associated with your account even though you have already gone through the above process when you first used the new system. It means that the card reader may not have had a chance to properly read the card. Simply re-tap your card and your print queue should then appear.

3. Click "print" or "print all" and the printer beside the screen will now dispense your print job! 


Release Station Locations:

100 McCaul
317 Infocommons - Letter/tabloid
Room 374, Open Studio - Letter
Room 540, Open Studio - Letter/Tabloid
Room 640, Open Studio - Letter/Tabloid
Room 640, Open Studio - Letter/Tabloid
Room 640, Open Studio(colour) - Letter
Room 665, Open Studio - Letter

113 McCaul
Library - Letter/Tabloid
Library - Letter/Tabloid
Library(colour) - Letter
Learning Zone - Letter/Tabloid
Learning Zone(colour) - Letter
Room 430 - Letter

51 McCaul
Digital Print Centre Room 120  - Letter /Tabloid

205 Richmond

Room 110 - Letter
Room 200, IDRC - Letter (Restricted Access)
Room 403 - Letter
Room 411 - Letter

Room 516 - Letter/Tabloid

Room 610 - Letter

Room 615 - Letter