How To Add Personalized Questions To Your Course Evaluation
Updated: 03 March 2015 03:50 PM

For faculty the following steps will guide you through using the Student Feedback on Courses system to add personalized questions to your course surveys. To see the images in this tutorial in greater detail double click on them to zoom in.

1. Find Your Email Link

The 1st step is to click on the link contained within the emailed invitation to submit your questions. It will say "Add Your Questions Now". The email will be sent to your faculty email address with the subject heading: Response Required. Student Feedback on Courses: Add Your Course Specific Questions

2. The Course List

After clicking the above link you will be taken to a list of the courses you are teaching for the current semester.

3. Select The Course You Want To Add Questions To

To add questions to the course click on the "Select" link corresponding to the course you would like to add to.

4. Question Personalization

You should now be on the Question Personalization page for your selected course.

5. Edit Your Questions

To edit your question click on the "Edit" button to the left of the question.

6. Edit Your Questions cont...

You will then need to click on the small icon of the page with a pencil to enable you to add your own question into the box beside it, replacing the placeholder text.

7. Edit Your Questions cont...

Type your question into the text box.

8. Edit Your Questions cont...

Once you have typed your question into the box click the "Select" button to the right and it will turn green with a checkmark and say selected.

9. Submit Your Questions

You can repeat the steps above to add your second question and when both are selected you can click on the "Submit" button to add your questions to the course evaluation.

10. Exit or Copy Your Questions to Another Course You Teach

You should see a message indicating they have been selected and saved successfully. You can now exit if you'd like, by clicking on the "Exit" button.

11. Copying Your Questions to Another Course

If you are teaching multiple course and want to use the same questions in any of your other courses you can select your other courses from the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page and click the "Copy & Submit" button. This will save those questions for the course that is selected in the dropdown menu.

12. Previewing Your Evaluation

Lastly, if you'd like you can see what your course evaluation will look like, including the questions you have added by clicking on the "Preview" button above the questions. 

 email-link.png (12.88 KB)