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Updated: 11 August 2019 08:30 PM
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What is is a service that allows students and faculty to access several different pieces of software online, without a need to visit the Laptop Help Desk (in most cases). For students, in the Laptop Program, there is no additional cost.

What Software is Available through for Students?

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Program Specific Software (for students who paid additional fees for these)
    • Trimble Sketchup Pro
    • Cycling 74 Max 7
    • Rhino 3D (Windows only)
    • Kurzweil 

Who is this service best for?

  • Students who have a desktop at home as well as a laptop
  • Students who need the software listed (not available from OCAD U in any other method)

Please NOTE:

  • Additional software required (eg. Adobe Creative Cloud) and how to obtain it is described here -
  • If your laptop has old versions of the software, adware, malware, or is just generally a bit messed up, you may require Software Imaging, and reinstallation of all your software.
  • You must Accept the Terms and Privacy Policies of Microsoft. OCAD U has reviewed these policies and we understand that they meet our expectations of privacy.