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AV: Wireless Classroom Projection with Airplay & Apple TV
Updated: 22 July 2020 02:25 PM

As of September 2014 all of the Smart Classrooms in the Sharp Centre (5th & 6th floors, 100 McCaul) are equipped with Apple TVs with Airplay. Airplay enables users with supported computers and IOS devices to wirelessly project their desktop to the projector. That's right, no cables!

Airplay Demo

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The VGA cables work just fine, why are you doing this? 

We are doing this in an effort to minimize the requirement for faculty teaching in the Sharp Centre to visit a Help Desk before and after class. Faculty who have been provided with a laptop via the Faculty Laptop Program will have computers that support Airplay. Those users should not have to visit a Help Desk or borrow any equipment to use the airplay enabled projectors in the Sharp Centre for Design. We hope this simplifies your life and gets your classes off to a smoother start.

Why only the Sharp Centre?

Good question! At this point in time we are treating this as a pilot program. This is relatively new technology and we want to ensure it is reliable under typical classroom use. Another consideration was the removal of the Help Desk in the Sharp Centre. In an effort to simplify things for Faculty members teaching in the Sharp Centre we wanted to minimize the requirement to borrow equipment from the AV Help Desk on the third floor prior to class.

I have a PC, what do I do?

There is a third party application called Airparrot that you can install on your Windows based computer but it is not free. There is a trial you can try. Once we are past the pilot stage of the Apple TV deployment we will expand usability to our Windows/PC loaners. In the meantime, there are VGA cables installed in all of the smart rooms in the Sharp Centre so that you don't have to make a trip to borrow one.

Older Macs do not support Airplay. How do I know if my Mac supports Airplay?

Click here to see a list of supported Apple computers. Faculty who have been provided with a laptop via the Faculty Laptop Program will have computers that support Airplay. 

I borrow a laptop from the Help Desk before each class, does it support Airplay?

Not all of our loaner laptops support Airplay, in those situations you will be provided with a dongle so that you can use the in-class cable. Please mention which room you are teaching in when you borrow your laptop. Currently only the classrooms in the Sharp Centre are equipped with built in cables. 

My personally owned computer doesn't support Airplay, what do I do?

We have installed VGA cables in every room in the Sharp Centre for those users who are not able to take advantage of Airplay. If you are using your personally owned laptop to teach in the Sharp Centre it is recommended that you procure the proper dongle (if required) to connect to the VGA cables in the Sharp Centre classrooms.