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Technology Support for Faculty - Fall 2020
Posted by Matt Dunn on 31 July 2020 04:04 PM

This is the first in a series of messages for all OCAD U faculty, outlining preparations for Fall Semester from IT Services

We want to thank all the faculty who participated in Teaching Art & Design Online, and FCDC and IT led workshops this Spring and Summer and who will be participating in the intensive course this August. We know there will be more support required.

As the Fall quickly approaches, we need your help. We expect that 1-to-1 support will not be as prompt as it is now, due to demand. Here’s how you can help.

Book 1-on-1 Time with IT Services Now

If you need assistance, don’t wait. Book time with us using Microsoft Bookings or email ithelp@ocadu.ca now.

If you directly email an individual IT staff member, they may redirect you to ithelp@ocadu.ca to queue your request.

Review our Guides

We have created extensive guides on supporting your remote teaching experience this Fall with our core supported applications.

Microsoft Teams

Techsmith Knowmia

Canvas Cloud

Remote Teaching

Guides for Students

Get comfortable with your laptop

Laptop Loans

Emails have gone out to all Faculty approved by their Faculty Office for a new laptop loan this summer. Please review the emails carefully and review our FAQ:  https://bit.ly/Faculty-Laptop-Pickup-FAQ

Sessional Faculty Loans

If you are a sessional faculty who requires a semester long loan of a laptop:

  1. Request a loan by browsing to www.ocadu.ca/itsupport and login with your OCAD U credentials
  2. Select “Submit a Ticket” > “Faculty Laptop Loans”. Complete the form.
  3. Highlight your need for a laptop to your Program Chair. Loans are approved by your Faculty Office, and are subject to availability.
  4. We will be fulfilling these loan requests closer to September when we have sufficient inventory

What’s new in macOS Catalina and Windows 10

There are lots of changes in macOS and Windows 10, and we’ve created these resources to assist you.

Request Large Online Event Support in Advance

If you need assistance with an online event, please request support at least 2 weeks in advance.  

  1. Browse to www.ocadu.ca/itsupport
  2. Login with your OCAD U credentials
  3. Select “Submit a Ticket” from the top menu bar
  4. Select “Special Event Support Requests”

Watch your OCAD U 365 email for upcoming events

We will be coordinating workshops with our colleagues in the Faculty Curriculum Development Centre, so please keep an eye on your Outlook email and calendar for updates.


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Canvas has moved to the cloud
Posted by Matt Dunn on 28 July 2020 03:04 PM

Canvas has moved to the cloud! 

Canvas is OCAD University’s Learning Management System (LMS).  Canvas contains your online course content, assignments and activities. Canvas is moving to Canvas Cloud at https://canvascloud.ocadu.ca in order to offer more robust tools and for a better teaching experience online. All courses will be hosted in Canvas Cloud starting in September.  

What about the content from my past courses? 

Past courses will remain on Canvas Community Version (CV) at https://canvas.ocadu.caPlease note that Canvas CV will eventually be removed, so grab content at your earliest convenience. You will be communicated to when a date for retiring Canvas CV is scheduled. 

Faculty can import content from Canvas CV into Canvas Cloud using the Migrate feature.

Why did we move to the cloud? 

Canvas Cloud has several improvements over Canvas CV:  

Learn more about Canvas Cloud

Canvas Cloud - Quick Start for Students 
Canvas Cloud - Quick Start for Faculty


Questions? Contact ithelp@ocadu.ca.

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On-Going IT Support for Your Teaching, Learning and Work
Posted by Andrew McAllister on 15 March 2020 06:06 PM

Support for Students Learning this Spring/Summer

If you're learning this Spring/Summer Semester, we've created a new resource hub for students!


Support for Faculty Teaching this Spring/Summer

If you're teaching this Spring/Summer Semester, we've created a new resource hub for faculty! 


New Support for Faculty

Advice for Working, Learning or Teaching from Home

Review the Teaching Continuity Resources Page

An information page about maintaining the continuity of teaching and learning during campus closures and other disruptions to course delivery has been created to help course instructors think through how to use technology to continue teaching and complete the semester. You can access it here.

Use Microsoft Teams for Synchronous Learning, Chat, Office Hours and More

We have enabled Microsoft Teams for all of our students, and we encourage you to use it for its great video, audio, screen sharing, chat and file sharing capabilities. You can easily create a Class Team, add all your students from Canvas, and video and audio chat when needed. Learn more.

Record your Lectures, Student Reflections with Techsmith Relay

Techsmith Relay allows you or your students to record your screen, webcam and microphone at your desk on a laptop, or using an iOS or Android smartphone. Students can also use Relay to upload any video file and share it privately with your class in Canvas. Learn more about Techsmith Relay

Share Word Documents or Powerpoint Presentations in Office 365

You or your students can share essays or presentations they’ve created simply by clicking “Share” in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. Now available to all students. Learn more.

Copy & Print

The Digital Print Centre (Print Shop) will be open today Monday March 16 from 8:00am-5:00pm. We will remain fully operational until the end of today, Monday March 16th. After today we will be closed in line with @OCAD's campus-wide suspension of face-to-face services. Questions and concerns can be forwarded to copyprint@ocadu.ca, this email will be monitored during the shutdown.

AV Loans: Students Borrowing AV Equipment

There will be no new loans of equipment after the of end of day today. Contact AV Loans if you currently have equipment signed out by calling x227 or emailing avhelp@ocadu.ca today.

Laptop Loans

If you're a student with a broken computer, or need a laptop for some reason, please contact us ASAP at ithelp@ocadu.ca or call 416-977-6000 x277 and we will respond to your inquiry.

If you're a faculty member or staff, please contact us ASAP using the methods above.

IT Help Desk: We’re Ready to Help You

We will support students, faculty and staff online. 




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Student Email Has Changed!
Posted by Alea Drain on 09 March 2020 03:10 PM

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Coming Soon for Students: OCAD U 365
Posted by Alea Drain on 20 November 2019 01:08 PM

Poster Image: Coming Soon for Students! OCAD U 365. Advanced collaboration tools, diverse suite of productivity apps, improved email and calendaring. Launching in 2020. Stay tunes for details to arrive in your OCAD U inbox.

Learn more in our Knowledgebase article.

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